Surgical defloration

Removal of virginity surgically without pain, blood and stress...

What ia a hymenotomy? This is an artificial removal of the hymen surgically performed by a gynecologist for medical reasons or, more often, at the girl's own request.


suffering with a virgin girl
Typical reasons to do a hymenotomy:

  • I got married, but the wedding night didn't happen.
  • Several times tried to have sex with my boyfriend, but it does not work, it hurts terribly.
  • I'm 27 years old, I want to have a surgical defloration so I don't look like an "old maid" in front of a man I want to have sex with.
  • The barrier at the vagina is very dense, it prevents sexual intercourse and causes pain.
  • Very elastic hymen - it does not break and every time during sexual intercourse feel pain.

Hymenotomy - operation details

Hymenoplasty, a medical term for hymen repair surgery, is a procedure of reconstructing the thin skin membrane made of elastic and fibrous tissue known as the hymen. Colloquially termed as revirgination, the purpose of hymenoplasty is to reconstruct the hymen, which often gets torn during first intercourse, may also happen after injury or extensive exercise without intercourse(bicycle, gymnastics and other).

Virgo woman

Specialist advice.
Make an appointment with an intimate surgeon and discuss with your doctor all the details of the operation for restoration of virginity (which method is better in your case, prices, features of care and terms of rehabilitation).

Delivery of tests.
The list of studies is usually small and includes:

  • smear on flora,
  • blood for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B and C,
  • the test for local anesthesia.


  1. cancer of the genitals,
  2. problems with blood clotting,
  3. inflammatory diseases of the genitals in acute form,
  4. mental disorders.

This manipulation is carried out under local anesthesia! General or intravenous anesthesia, as well as epidural anesthesia ("injection in the back"), we do not practice and categorically do not advise because of the high number of possible complications. We guarantee 100% absence of pain.

How is surgical defloration performed. 
IWe use modern imported drugs and the thinnest, short needles, the prick of which is almost imperceptible to the patient. After a few minutes there is complete anesthesia in this area and the gynecologist begins the procedure according to the previously agreed option. There are no extra faces in the office, just the patient and the doctor. Service execution time - from 10 to 20 minutes. When performing this manipulation, the specialist does not use cutting tools. All cuts are carried out exclusively by radio wave method.

After the procedure of hymenotomy, you must carefully observe the rules of intimate hygiene. Checkup with a doctor in 10-15 days. After full recovery, you can start a sexual life.


The types of surgical defloration

The standard option
(services defloration 1 or 2 category complexity, or a different if there is anomalies hymen). Incision of the hymen, simple and fast execution, minimum time for rehabilitation.

Complex option
(cosmetic removal of the hymen, no one will know about the operation). Requires a little more time to execute and restore. A great vagina when viewed from the side, no remnants of the hymen.



girl made surgical_defloration

Hymenotomy for hymen without a hole

In case of hymen without a hole, surgery is carried to open up membrane of hymen and is termed as therapeutic hymenotomy. In other cases, operative procedures known as laparoscopy is carried out in which adhesions in pelvic region are also dealt with.

Scarring of the vaginal area is seen as a major problem from hymenotomy and intra-operative details of the surgery are carried out for imperforate hymen to avoid scarring. The portion of the blood which gets accumulated in the vaginal part is evacuated with the help of surgical pumps to clear off the area in a better way.

The incision made during the surgery needs to be taken care of to enable a speedy recovery. There are ways in which imperforate hymen problem can be dealt effectively with, but one must know about the surgical procedures and associated risks.

The price for hymenotomy

The cost of services for cutting the hymen in the clinic at 2022.

Operation options
Surgical defloration 1 difficulty category 450€
Surgical defloration 2 difficulty category 550€
Surgical defloration cosmetic (complex option) 650€
Hymen atresia surgery 600€
Defloration of the "blind" hymen (without a hole) 700€
Incision and removal of hematocolpos 750€
Plastic hymenal opening 400€
Removal of hymen residues 350€

All services included (doctor's consultation, medical tests, anesthesia, surgical defloration, observation after). 
Payment in rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank.

Who is interested in the service «hymenotomy»

If you want to do hymenotomy in Moscow with good, experienced specialists, we invite you to a consultation! According to the reviews of girls who did surgical defloration, the operation completely solves all problems quickly and without pain! See the address and map of the "Clinic of Intimate plastic". Contact with 📲 WhatsApp 📲 Viber

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