Intimate plastic

To date, plastic surgery is considered one of the most effective means for preserving youth and beauty. Over the past decade, the methods that are used to correct the face and figure, have found their application in the plastic of the external genitalia.

Women who resort to intimate plastic,As a rule, pursue several goals. First and foremost, women's intimate plastic allows increasing sexual attractiveness. Psychologists say that dissatisfaction with your body is the first source of a wide variety of complexes that complicate sexual life.

Modern intimate plastic allows you to solve the following problems: reduction and correction of the labia minora, a decrease or increase in the clitoris, a change in the size of the labia majora and the elimination of their sagging, which often occurs after the birth of the child.

Our "Clinic of intimate plastic surgery" in the center of Moscow offers you the best operations and cosmetic procedures for the health and beauty of intimate places!

Services of intimate plastic surgery for women

Intimate plasticity of the labia minora

Intimate plastic allows you to eliminate any defects of labia minora. The most common problem is the asymmetry of these organs, which, as a rule, is congenital. With age, in women, small labia vary in shape - they darken and stretch. The intervention of plastic surgeons allows you to give the labia a more aesthetic appearance. As a rule, after carrying out an intimate plasty, a woman's sexual sensitivity increases.

For intimate plasticity of small labia Two methods are used - surgical and radiosurgery. However, this method, unlike surgical, can not be used for all women. The postoperative period is only one day, and the complete healing of the labia minora occurs within 7-10 days.

assignment_ind Labioplasty

☛ Price from 1000€

Intimate plastic of large labia

Large labia perform a very importantFunction - they should cover the small labia and prevent any infection from penetrating into the woman's vagina. However, the skin of the labia majora is prone to rapid aging. It changes its color, stretches, becomes flabby and does not look aesthetically pleasing. Some representatives of the fair sex suffer from enlarged labia majora when walking - their friction against each other causes irritation and discomfort. Also, women who want to increase the size of these organs resort to the intimate plasticity of the labia.

The volume of these intimate places adjusted with the help of plastic, when the labia must be reduced and corrected for their shape. To increase the size of the method is applied contour intimate plastic - the filling of the labia with hyaluronic acid.

assignment_ind How to enlarge labia

Gialuronic acid
☛ Price from 800€

Intimate plastic clitoris

All operations that are performed on the clitoris, are divided into two groups - cosmetic and functional. Cosmetic intimate plastic clitoris involves changing its size and the ability to injections. Functional plastic is necessary in case the clitoris is hidden under the labia. This is a procedure to reduce excess skin along the sides of the clitoris, which helps to provide an aesthetically pleasing look. Women tell us that they want the skin to drape neatly over the clitoris. The reduction of the excess prepuce improves the look of the clitoral skin.

Most women having the reduction labioplasty prefer the reduction of excess prepuce for a complete aesthetic result. After surgery, the clitoris is exposed, which allows better to receive a clitoral orgasm.

assignment_ind Hoodectomy (clitoral hood reduction)

☛ Price from 750€

Surgical defloration (hymenotomy)

Defloration is an operation in intimate plastic surgery aimed at eliminating the hymen. Quite often it happens that it is so dense that a man is not able to break through it without causing severe pain or injury. In addition, after 25 years, its elasticity is lost, the hymen ages, thickens, natural defloration is complicated. In such cases, hymenotomy is also indicated.

Separately, there are cases when a woman is dissatisfied with the appearance of her entrance to the vagina, namely-the fragments of hymen sticking out to some extent. In this case, cosmetic removal of hymen residues will come to the rescue, which will be done for you by our specialists.

assignment_ind Hymenotomy

☛ Price from 550€

Intimate plastic vagina

As a result of stretching the perineum at birth, as well as with age, the vaginal entrance increases in size. A man and a woman often cease to enjoy vaginal intercourse. To eliminate this condition, the vagina is plasticized. The tissues are tightened so that the vagina shrinks.

As a possible alternative to surgery, there is a technique of non-surgical narrowing of the entrance to the vagina with hyaluronic acid.

assignment_ind Plastic vagina

☛ Price from 1200€


The operation to restore virginity can be performed both for a long time and for a short time. Regardless of the reason to make reparatio, our doctors will provide a positive result when you first have sex. Customized offers for maximum efficiency. More options for better reality.

All payments in rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank.

assignment_ind Hymenoplasty

Pink flower
☛ Price from 950€

Where to make intimate plastic

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