Surgery of the clitoris

We will enhance sexual pleasure and make the aesthetic appearance of the vulva better...

Clitoroplasty (medical analogue - "clitoral hood reduction") is an operation for complex correction of the clitoral area. Include manipulations on the hood of the clitoris, aimed at reducing, as well as partial or complete removal of the skin pocket above it, and excision of the skin folds on the right and left side (if any). It is possible to plasticize the clitoris with fillers, carried out in order to fill its volume and increase sensitivity.

Problem essence

In some women with hormonal disorders, in addition to acne hairiness, there are lower voice timbre, menstrual irregularities and an increase in the body and head of the clitoris. Such women are not good candidates for surgery to reduce it and should be treated with hormones by a therapist.

Other women who need to reduce the clitoral hood complain about the lack of exposure of the clitoral head. The hood covers it to such an extent that adequate stimulation is difficult. In addition, there are still some circumstances that consciously or implicitly lead a woman to think about the feasibility of correction and removal of excess skin on it.

Indications for removing the hood of the clitoris:

  1. The prepuce causes problems related to its appearance and comfort.
  2. The length of the hood and how it sticks out of your vagina from the side looks like you have a penis.
  3. So do not like the General appearance of your vulva that you hesitate to show it or enter into sexual relations
  4. You feel discomfort because it is constantly rubbed and irritated.
the girl thinks to do surgery on the clitoris
Advantages of clitoral surgery in our clinic:
  • 98% of patients say: "after the correction it became better”;
  • € 450-700 average cost of service;
  • one of the best intimate plastic surgery clinics in Moscow;
  • confirmed before and after photos;
  • complete solutions for the clitoris and labia minora in one operation;
  • 4-7 days of physical activity restrictions;
  • only good local anesthesia;
  • operation possible on the day of treatment;
  • maintaining the anonymity of the visit to the clinic.

Clitoral hood reduction - operation details


image of a clitoris anatomy


Specialist advice.
Make an appointment with an intimate surgeon and discuss with doctor all the details of the operation (which method hoodectomy is better in your case, prices, features of care and terms of rehabilitation).

Delivery of tests.
The list of studies is usually small and includes:

  • smear on flora,
  • blood for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B and C,
  • the test for local anesthesia.

This manipulation is carried out under local anesthesia! General or intravenous anesthesia, as well as epidural anesthesia ("injection in the back"), we do not practice and categorically do not advise because of the high number of possible complications. We guarantee 100% absence of pain.

Where a surgeon makes an incision on the clitoral hood can differ depending on the folds that need removal. Sometimes a cut is made on both sides of the hood to expose the clitoris. Other times, incisions are made parallel to the clitoris to remove excessive skin folds. Duration - from 45-60 minutes (if we do only the clitoris) and up to 90 minutes (if the to do labiaplasty or vaginal entrance is carried out at the same time). There is no pain, you can talk on the phone or read a book. At the end of the operation, the patient goes to the ward for observation. After 2-3 hours, making sure that there are no adverse reactions, the patient can safely go home (by car or by calling a taxi).

All the time it is important to observe personal and intimate hygiene, to process the sutures after surgery of the clitoris, to exclude the possibility of infection in them. During 2 weeks it is necessary to avoid sexual intimacy, heavy physical activity, swimming in open waters. It is not recommended to use vibrators for 1 month.

How to increase the sensitivity of the clitoris

Injection of hyaluronic acid gel into the clitoris is filling the places near the head and pocket of the clitoris with filers in order to both increase the volume and "strengthen" the sensitivity, strengthen its "hood". In case of excessive development of the skin in the area of the clitoral skin pocket, an operation is first performed to remove the hood or excision the excess skin.

At the end of the rehabilitation period, a filer injection will be a reasonable addition to enhance the effect. At the same time, to enhance sexual sensations in the clinic, you can increase the G-point, reduce the entrance and volume of the vagina with hyaluronic acid.


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The price for clitoroplasty

The cost of services for plastic surgery and correction of the big clitoiris.

Operation options
Clitoral hood reduction 1 difficulty category 800€
Clitoral hood reduction 2 difficulty category 950€
Excision of the lateral folds of the skin 900€
Clitoral hood reduction complex 1000€
Clitoral hood reduction + labiaplasty, from 1500€
Injections filler in the clitoris 700€

All services included (doctor's consultation, medical tests, anesthesia, surgery clitoral hood reduction, observation, suture removal).
Payment in rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank.

Who is interested in the topic

If you want to do surgery of the clitoris in Moscow with good, experienced specialists, we invite you to a consultation! See the address and map of the "Clinic of Intimate plastic". Contact with us e-mail, WhatsApp, Viber ☏ +7(495)761-1085 ☏ WhatsAppViber.

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